If you would like easy access to each weekly edition of "This Week's Finds," there is a mailing list you can (rather) easily sign up for. 

Simply send an email with "subscribe" in the subject line to this address:

fingertipsmusic-request AT freelists DOT org

(And, okay, you can see that to get to an actual, workable email address you'll of course have to change the word AT to an "at" sign and the word "dot" to an actual dot. This theoretically reduces the chances that evil internet robots will steal the address for spam.)

You don't have to write anything in the body of the email. After sending it you should relatively quickly receive a confirmation email from Freelists that will involve your consenting to signing up before you are added to the list. Sorry for the extra step but I figure people like the protection; no one can be signed up by someone else against his or her wishes, that sort of thing.

You can also get on the list by going here and signing up online.

The weekly email goes out once a week, sent out some time between 10 a.m. on Tuesday and 12 p.m. on Wednesday (that would be Eastern Time in the U.S.). More or less.

Please be aware that the weekly email may occasionally be sent (inadvertently) with minor errors--typically a typo or a broken link. These will always (I hope!) be fixed on the actual web site and blog, but the email itself may remain imperfect, as "Correction" emails are sort of a drag both to send and to receive. Really prominent errors will be corrected in a follow-up email, but little ones may, alas, remain uncorrected.


The blog version of Fingertips is available at:


There you will find each week's "This Week's Finds" posted, likewise, some time between 10 a.m. Tuesday and 12 p.m. Wednesday. (But the email always goes out first.) That's the main gist of the blog, although I also post word there about other features that go online (contests, Q&As, commentary pieces, etc.).

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