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Welcome to the new Recommended Sites page, which is much simpler than the old page (which hasn't been updated in a while and, alas, never shall be again). Now it's just a list with a few words about each site. Easier both to maintain and to use. Here goes:

Music Information Sites

All Music Guide   Still one of the best basic sources of music information
Metacritic (music portion)   Aggregates album reviews from a variety of online sources
The Rest Is Noise (Alex Ross blog)   News and information from the classical music world, minus snootiness
Trouser Press   Legendary new-wave era magazine reborn as web resource
The Ectophiles Guide to Good Music   Idiosyncratic guide to a certain indescribable, female-oriented genre

Listening Sites: Radio

89.3 The Current   Minnesota Public Radio, playing an engaging mix of new and old
KCRW   Southern California's influential "adult-alternative" station
Radio Paradise   Labor-of-love internet station, also of the "adult-alternative" variety
KEXP   Seattle-based public radio station affiliated with the Experience Music Project

Listening Sites: Streaming/Community

lala.com   Ideal place to listen to albums before you buy, and prices are cheap
Pandora   Web 2.0-style music site allowing you to create your own music streams

Retail Sites

lala.com   See above
Amazon MP3 Deals   You know Amazon in general, but their MP3 Store has a great "special deals" page here
Insound   If you're still buying CDs and/or vinyl, here's your place
Amie Street   The twist here is that prices start free or very low and go up as demand increases
CD Baby   Wide-ranging selection of off-the-mainstream releases

Miscellaneous Worthwhile Sites

Arts & Letters Daily   Cultural compendium, still going strong
Talking Points Memo   Intelligent politics, left of center
Lottie + Doof   Recipes, if you're into that sort of thing
The Frontal Cortex   Neuroscience with humanity (if you're into that sort of thing)

last updated 29 May 09

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