If you like Fingertips and would like to offer some support, you can.

There is one direct way to do this, and some indirect ways.

The direct way: donate via Pay Pal.
Fingertips now accepts donations via PayPal.
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For those who are willing and able to donate $10 or more a year, there are gifts available on the Fingertips Prize Closet page.

An indirect way: sign up for a free eMusic trial.
If you're not familiar with eMusic, you might want to be--it's a really great place to find MP3s from independent artists who are not always available via iTunes. Plus, these are MP3s, not special iTunes files. The free trial gives you 25 songs and if you decide not to join after that, you still keep the songs. If you do join, you'll find the average cost per song to be no more than 33 cents--and less if you sign up for a larger plan. In case you missed the button, here it is again:

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Another indirect way: visit the Fingertips Store.
The Fingertips Store is a little slice of Amazon.com featuring all things Fingertips. If you buy CDs or DVDs or books here, you'll be supporting Fingertips without paying a dime extra than you would normally pay at Amazon.

A related indirect way: shop in the Amazon MP3 store.
Amazon's MP3 store is vast and endlessly interesting, features a nice assortment of free and legal MP3s, plus there are really good special deals going on every day:

Still another indirect way: buy things at Amazon or Insound by clicking through Fingertips.
If you use the banners below to go to Amazon or Insound and if you buy anything while you're visiting, you will also be supporting Fingertips:

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Please understand that support is completely voluntary--an option for those inclined to do this kind of thing, not a guilt trip for those not inclined. I am not your member-supported public radio station here to assure you that without your financial support, I can't do this. Clearly, I can. At the same time, I have made my career as a professional writer, so a part of me feels confident that the services rendered, so to speak, are in fact professional quality. But I guess that's ultimately for everyone else to decide. In any case, your support will always be appreciated, but never required.

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